maandag 23 april 2012


1,5 year ago I had a trouser which was too long, I should bring it to a tailor, but I didn't found the time, the will and I thought it was a pity too pay for it, if I could do it myself, when I should have a sewing machine..
So that's when I asked my boyfriend to give me a sewing machine for my birthday. I didn't wanted a luxe one, just a old second hand machine.

On my birthday I got my babyblue sewing machine and I was so happy!
So I made a couple of stuffed animals, cause I did that once with a friend. They did not turned out pretty but hey, it was fun.
When I understand the machine, I made my trouser shorther and that was it....

Until august. One of my friends got a baby girl. I wanted to give her a present that I made myself.
So I decided to make a ellephant.
It was so much fun, that I made another one and another one and another one....
That is how 'Ellaphaunt' was born.

Now, 50? Ellaphaunts later, I still make them and sell them.

On queensday I will stand on a market with my Ellaphaunts.

Today I made a yellow one :) (to bring the sunny feeling I haven't had in a long time, cause the weathers is so bad)

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